In my experience, people are most open to making art purchases after acquiring a new residence or decorating a new space.  Once the wall coverings, paint, window treatments, rugs and furniture are chosen and installed, it’s time to turn the attention to artwork, which in my opinion is what really brings the space to life.   While some clients have a well established art collection and can choose from works already in their possession, others look to find works that make a statement and provide a focal point that compliments the space and adds visual interest.  This dining room featured pearlized leather chairs, and layered monochromatic textures. The sculptural light fixture added a dramatic element that gave this room a decidedly glam vibe.  The client wanted to stay in the earthy color tones as opposed to adding bright color.  The painting that was selected was one of my own pieces, a mixed media work on unprimed canvas with sparkling silver ink highlights. The size balanced the space, accentuated the ceiling height and provided much needed contrast to the room while complimenting the space.  This wall was a perfect location for a large statement piece of art because it was visible from two other rooms and provided maximum enjoyment!