We all look to make our jobs more seamless and to delegate certain tasks whenever possible to those we trust that will enhance our own performance and exceed our client’s expectations.

I recently relocated to Florida after spending all of my life living in or near New York City. As a creative, the city’s energy was a source of endless inspiration in all of my endeavors…encompassing roles in both fine art and design for over 30 years.

I saw this move as an opportunity to bring my vast experience to the Florida design trade.

As an award-winning multi-media artist who has worked with architectural and design trades to create site-specific art for their projects, I call on my own design background to see a project through the designer’s lens.  I see a space as a composition with the artwork being one aspect of it, albeit one that truly enhances and infuses a space with soul.   I represent a network of talented artists whose work may not be otherwise represented in the area. 

Why should you consider partnering with me on your next project that calls for art

Art is an Important Finishing Touch

Time Saving and Cost Effective

We know that sometimes that “perfect piece” you’ve been envisioning for your project is elusive. The Artists’ Studio has a large inventory of original art in all mediums from select award-winning artists. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can custom create that site-specific vision for you and your client with a time-sensitive turnaround.

Partnering with The Artist’s Studio allows you to delegate the responsibility of procuring the right art for your projects free of charge.  This saves you time so you can focus on other important aspects of your project knowing that it will be given the attention it deserves. The Artist’s Studio can accommodate most art budgets using original and unique artwork. Be sure to inquire about our trade program!

We Offer Free On-site Consultations

While we start the conversation by phone or email to get a sense of your project, we respond with photos of appropriate works and then schedule an onsite visit.  This allows us to bring actual art to see how it works in the context of the project.  While a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing art in the space allows clients to react to the nuances of the piece that can never translate in a photo!

Besides delivery, we also offer framing and hanging services.